San Jose Mercury News, Jan 01, 2004
by Sean Webby and Kim Vo

Comfort from Afar

But the Dell'Oros were most moved by how Iranians dug with their bare hands to free the two badly wounded Americans from the stone rubble of their hotel.... The Iranians are charging neither Freedman's nor Dell'Oro's family for medical treatment. "It's an ancient tenet of their culture," said Walter Dell'Oro, 82, Tobb's father. "The visitor is the highest priority."
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New York Times, Dec 30, 2003
by Patrick Healy

Long Island Family Grieves for a Quake Victim

They said they were astonished that Iranians in Bam would dig two American tourists from the rubble as other Iranians lay buried...Ms. Freedman's mother said the tour guide, Farzaneh Khademi, and others dug the couple out using their bare hands.

Los Angeles Times, Jan 5, 2004
by Jean Merl and Christiana Sciaudone

Remembering the Dead of Iran

They made such a heroic effort to save Tobb's life and Adele's life, Tam Dell'Oro said, noting that her brother and his fiancÚ were among the first people rescuers pulled from the rubble of their hotel. "When she [Adele] got to the hospital, they didn't shove her to the back. They put her in the front and the best doctors took care of her," Dell'Oro said. She added that the hospital waived all fees for treating the two Americans, a step the State Department told her was highly unusual.

Associated Press, Jan 1, 2004 by Terence Chea

Family of Californian Killed in Iran Earthquake Lauds Rescue Effort

The family of the only American killed in last week?s devastating earthquake in Iran hopes his death will contribute to better understanding between the United States and a country President Bush has included in his "axis of evil." "If he was supposed to die for a reason, I hope it's for Americans to have a better understanding of the compassion of Iranian citizens.
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People Magazine, Jan 19, 2004
by Thomas Erdbrink


I [Adele] was lucky: Aside from scrapes and bruises, all I suffered were a broken ankle, broken foot and some broken toes. The nurses here [Tehran] were wonderful, and dozens of Iranians, perfect strangers, offered to take care of me.

Daily News Jan. 2, 2004
by Melanie Carroll

Dell'Oro Saved Life of Fiancee

"They were a little nervous going to Iran, but they wanted to go and explore," his sister recalls. "They were blown away by the warmth and embrace of the people. They were so excited and happy [when they phoned home]. Most American's think Iranians hate them."

NY Daily News Dec 29th, 2004
by Derek Rose and Bill Hutchinson

American survives Iran quake But boyfriend killed

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Tobb Dell'Oro
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